A First Time Idea

My friend Robert and I were at work discussing many different topics tonight, and came to the conclusion that we didn’t know how our current topic related to the beginning of the conversation an hour before.  So we thought it through and wrote it all down.  We looked at the large list of topics and realized this would be the perfect blog post: Write down the totally random concepts in order for you the reader to see and be totally confused about.  I really hope this amuses you as much as it did us.  Here are our conversation topics in order…you can fill in how they relate to each other with your own ideas.


• Star Wars treadmill masks • Weight loss • Taser motivation • Threaten the bystander & steal the camera • O-Dog is in the bushes • Bear poop joke • Poltergeists hate fire • Haunt the station wagon • downgrade the poltergeist from station wagon to hobo bindle • Hobo war chalk • Midterms & counterculture • Punk Rock • Useless Pandora stations • Joaquin Phoenix in rapper mode sings Johnny Cash • Terminator vs. Raptors • Don’t waste the poop/kill more zombies •


We will be continuing this trend as much as possible.  So look for more thought process transcripts expressed here!

No Introductions and the Dead Rising

I would like to begin with an introduction to my no introductions policy.  It is fresh out of my mind, and I am putting it down in digital ink forever.  I’ve began plenty of other test blogs with an about me post, and this time I will not do that.  I think you will get to know me through my topics and writings.

That being said…

The Walking Dead is a television series on AMC which has been around since October 31st of 2010.  I have heard about it at work, in conversations I have overheard while out and about, and surprisingly from the Senior Pastor at my church.  I have yet to hear anyone mention being disappointed with the show.  And, I am happy to say that I am a part of the well pleased crowd of fans that this series now has.  This show had everything that I expected from the series and more.  A full review of my thoughts and likes may be upcoming in the future, but for now I am going to let the memory of these six episodes settle in my mind for now.  Plus, I don’t believe there are enough people out there willing to read a step by step review of an entire television series to warrant writing it all down now.

For now I hope you too can take time to eventually sit down and watch all six episodes of the first season, as well as the premier of season two which aired today as well.  Enjoy the week ahead of you, and don’t let the dead bugs bite.


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